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Get Fast Relief From Your Digestive Symptoms (Without Medication!)

Imagine a tree... A huge oak tree in the middle of a forest. The leaves and branches of this tree have turned brown, brittle and are dying. Focusing on treating the leaves won't save the tree or bring it back to full health. You need to address the roots.... ...It's the same with our health. We spend so much time and money trying to 'fix' our symptoms. That annoying fungal toe nail that seems to keeps spreading, the dull headache you get each week, the cystic acne that you desperately try to hide from everyone you know. Painkillers, topical anti-fungal nail treatments and expensive 'acne fighting' serums may relieve the symptoms in the short term, however they fail to address the root cause

Unhealthy Gut = Unhappy Brain

I remember being in work, feeling like I was about to have a panic attack. My heart was racing, palms were sweating and my chest was tight from the anxiety Nothing had even happened to trigger these feelings! I wasn't worrying about anything or having a stressful day at work, I was literally stood behind a desk in a store, with no customers to serve. There was no way I would have believed that these frequent anxiety attacks were being driven my parasites and bacteria in my gut! But they were. After eliminating these GI infections I no longer have to deal with these symptoms and my mental health has improved dramatically. If you aren't already aware, our gut health as a massive influence on o

Simple Ways to Improve Digestion (That Won't Cost You A Penny)

My stomach used to hurt so much I had to walk around with my hands resting on it, to ease the pressure... There was a time when it seemed like I reacted to every food I ate, I just couldn't pinpoint my triggers and intolerances... I lost tons of weight because I was scared of eating and subsequently developed hormone imbalances and nutrient deficiencies because of my limited diet... Last week, in my post 'Could Poor Gut Health Be The Reason Behind PCOS Symptoms', I shared the intimate connection between digestive health and hormonal balance. The gut has a massive influence on the health of our entire body, especially our hormone production, function and excretion (how we make, use and elimin


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