Fertility Support


Price to increase as of 1st September 2019

1x 90 Minute initial consultation
3 x 60 Minute follow ups

This custom 16 week fertility plan is designed to enhance fertility and prepare your body for conception. 

What does it involve?

You will learn how to eat, move, live and supplement, in order to best prepare your body for pregnancy. We will support your body and hormones throughout each monthly cycle, and I will teach you how to track your cycle and identify your fertility window. My goal is to ensure your hormone levels and egg quality are optimal, so that your whole pregnancy journey is improved.

Who is this for?

This is for the woman who is wanting to enhance her fertility naturally and prepare her body for pregnancy. It doesn't matter whether you have children already or you have been trying unsuccessfully for years. 

(Optional add-on) Functional Lab Tests Recommended for Optimal Success: Dutch Plus or Cycle Mapping, Full Thyroid Panel + GI-MAP

Please apply for the package using the form below and I will be in touch! If you don't hear anything within 48, please check your junk mail or email me at enquiries@vivanaturalhealth.co.uk


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