Hormone Reset

1x 90 Minute Intake Session
2 x 60 Minute 'Check-In' Sessions 


A foundational package is for the woman wanting to rebalance her female hormones and restore her vitality. I will help you move from a place of hormonal chaos, to hormonal harmony.

What does this involve:

I will help you to figure out which foods, exercise, supplements and lifestyle make you thrive. We will also try to identify the root causes and drivers of your hormone imbalance symptoms, whether that's thyroid issues, adrenal dysfunction, stress, nutrient deficiencies, oestrogen dominance, environmental toxicity and/or poor gut health.

Who this is for:
This package is perfect for the woman who currently doesn't feel like herself. She is dealing with symptoms such as PMS, period problems, weight struggles, fatigue, low mood, sugar cravings, fertility challenges, hair and skin issues.

(optional add-ons) Functional Lab Tests Recommended for Optimal Success: Full Thyroid Panel, DUTCH Hormone Test, GI MAP gut test. 
Not included in package price*

All package sessions are to be used within a maximum of 6 months of the package purchase*

£935 GBP

- Payment plan available upon request

- Hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) lab test included