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3 'PCOS Friendly' Breakfast Ideas

Making the best food choices can be difficult when you have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

With all the carb cravings and conflicting dietary advice, many women often ask me 'what the heck CAN I eat?!'

Breakfasts are usually the biggest struggle, since 'typical' options like toast, bagels and cereal are off the menu.

Intermittent fasting and skipping breakfast is all the rage right now, however in my opinion, breakfast is probably the most important meal of the day for someone with PCOS.

This is especially true if you have 'adrenal' / stress driven PCOS.

There's nothing I love more than a good brekkie, that's why I'm sharing 3 'PCOS Friendly' breakfast ideas, to give you some ideas and inspiration for your mornings.

I'm not a fan of recipe developing and spending hours in the kitchen, so these recipes will be super simple and quick, without skimping on flavour!

Chia seed pudding

Quick, easy and filling! Prep the night before and have a nutritious brekkie ready and waiting for you in the morning. I like to add ingredients such as blueberries, cinnamon, coconut milk and almonds for extra flavour, however you can easily mix and match ingredients, depending on what you fancy. Chia seeds are rich in fibre, which can help to regulate appetite, blood sugar regulation and support the detoxification of 'used' hormones, through the bowels.

>> Grab the recipe here <<

Protein packed smoothie

I am a big fan of smoothies, as they are a great way to pack in a ton of nutrient dense ingredients, in an easy to digest way. If you struggle with low appetite in the mornings, have minimal time or want something 'lighter' before your morning workout, then smoothies can be a great option for you. Again, I recommend you mix and match ingredients and flavours, based on your plans for the day, cravings and even where you are in your menstrual cycle!

>> Grab the recipe here <<

Baked avocado cups

A breakfast high in healthy fats and protein will help to keep you satiated until your next meal. Women with PCOS often have issues with high blood sugar and insulin levels. Starting your day off with a breakfast like this, will promote healthy blood sugar regulation for the rest of the day. Serve with a side of high quality, nitrate-free bacon, turmeric cauliflower rice or rocket for some extra flavour.

>> Grab the recipe here <<

Would you like me to share more PCOS Friendly recipe ideas on the blog? Let me know below...

>> FREE DOWNLOAD: 3 PCOS Friendly Brekkie's <<

>> FREE DOWNLOAD: 3 PCOS Friendly Brekkie's <<

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