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Healthy Travel Guide: Barcelona

Does anyone else plan their trip around where they want to eat?

"Ok, so we will have breakfast here, stop for a mid-morning coffee and snack at this place, we will try that cool cafe for lunch and dinner is booked for 7pm".

Ok...just me then? 🙄

Travel was so difficult for me in the past, because of my hormonal imbalances, low energy, multiple food sensitivities and terrible gut problems.

I would literally go to the local supermarket, buy fresh food and cook almost every meal myself, from scratch.


Sounds a little extreme, but I was so focused on healing and was so reactive to foods cooked in restaurants that I didn't feel like I had an option.

These days I am able to ENJOY meals cooked by other people and I'm always excited to try out new foods and what each destination has to offer.

Barcelona's health food scene is pleasantly surprising! Of course there are tons of traditional Spanish restaurants and tapa's bars to choose from, however there are also some wonderful health food restaurants too.

In this guide, I'm sharing some of my favourite healthy spots in Barcelona, that I visited during my recent trip (May 2019)

I personally avoid gluten and dairy containing foods due to intolerance, therefore all of the places I mention DO cater for people with similar needs.

Flax & Kale Tallers

This was literally my DREAM restaurant!

Ok, if I'm honest, I would have liked to have seen some meat-based dishes on the menu, but I was very impressed and satisfied with the vegan dishes I chose.

F&K Tallers is actually the first healthy 'Flexitarian' restaurant in Barcelona, meaning that 80% of the menu is plant based and 20% offers oily fish.

I HIGHLY recommend the detox juice, paleo bread, raw vegan lasagne and the miso & white ginger cheesecake.

(Raw vegan lasagna with cashew cream & sun-dried tomatoes)

(Apple crumble with chocolate chips + house made sweet potato ice cream)

Flax & Kale à Porter

There are multiple F&K locations in Barcelona, but this smaller cafe version is located inside the flagship H&M store (which is absolutely beautiful btw!).

I stopped by multiple times during my trip for a matcha latte (or 5!) and to try some of the delicious desserts they had to offer. The ones that I tried were seriously SO GOOD and I had to stop myself buying one of each.

I HIGHLY recommend the kale crisp, matcha with coconut-oat milk and the cinnamon roll.

(Raw matcha 'cheesecake')

(Maca cinnamon roll 🤤)

Honest Greens

I loved the style of this cafe as you could see all of the dishes being made and there was so many delicious options to choose from on the menu. There are also take-away options which is great!

For how busy it was at lunch time, the service was pretty quick, which is always great to see. I had lunch and breakfast here during my trip.

I HIGHLY recommend the chocolate chip cookie (GF/DF), the ginger pulled pork and sweet potato fries!

(Matcha latte with oat milk & the best chocolate chip cookie)

(Delicious display of healthy 'treats')


Woki Organic Market

Sadly, I didn't get to eat here but this looked like a lovely place to eat. The menu is organic (or 'bio', as it's known in Spain) and offers a range of different meals, which would be suitable for the whole family.

Teresa Carles

Another gem I didn't get to experience, however I will 100% be visiting next time I'm in Barca. This vegetarian restaurant is owned by and named after the Flax & Kale founder. Even though I'm not veggie, I still think the menu looks amazing.

Petit Brot

I visited this raw, vegan cafe for lunch and ordered the raw mini burgers with salad, kale crisp and a golden milk (served at 40°C). Although this would probably be perfect for someone on this type of diet, I was left feeling a little bit hungry, cold and short of cash (it was quite expensive for what it was!) I thought it was worth a mention though.

Manantial de Salud

I stumbled upon this cute herbal medicine shop as I was exploring the back streets and obviously I had to go inside! I ended up buying lots of herbal tea's to try out including rose, tulsi, nettle and a liver detox blend.

Park and Gardens

There are a few lovely parks dotted around the city, but the large one near The Arc de Triomf (triumphal arches) was my favourite! Grab a picnic blanket, chill in the sun and watch the world pass by.

Barceloneta Beach

Take a walk over to the beach (approx 20 minutes from Las Ramblas) for some relaxation, sunbathing and sea breeze. Just as a heads up there are a lot of people trying to sell things, which is a little annoying!

I also recommend getting the cable car up to Telefèric de Montjuïc. It's a little bit expensive (around £10 for an adult one way) but the views of the city at the top are great!

Stay tuned, as next week I'm sharing my tips for staying healthy whilst travelling! I don't know about you, but I want to keep my hormones happy.

Did you enjoy this guide? Would you like to see more like this in the future? Let me know below or over on Instagram!


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