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Happy Hormones Gift Guide 2018!

Have you been looking for the perfect gift for your health conscious gal pal or loved one?

Or lets be real, another gift to add to your Christmas list?

Look no further!

I have put together this gift guide to help you find the perfect prezzies, ranging from skincare to kitchen appliances.

Plus, all these gifts are hormone friendly, meaning that they will ultimately support hormonal balance (something you know I'm obsessed with), rather than messing with your hormones like many conventional products can. Alcohol, sugary chocolates, chemical laden beauty products and perfumes aren't great for those of us with hormone imbalances!

Please note, I have ZERO affiliation to any of the products listed in this guide, I am just sharing my personal recommendations and things that I LOVE!

1. Tropic Skincare 12 Days of Christmas.

An amazing selection of non-toxic beauty products including hair care, facial serums and nourishing body butters.

Perfect for the skincare junkie.


2. Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Ditch your hormone disrupting plastic water bottle for this high quality, stainless steel bottle. Available in many different styles and colours.

Perfect for the active, gym-lover.

Starting from £16.95

3. Vitamix Blender

Perfect for making your nutritious soups, superfood smoothies and smooth sauces. A must have for any kitchen!

Perfect for the kitchen wiz.

Starting from £199.99

4. Beyond the Pill - Dr Jolene Brighten

Take back control of your hormones and learn how to balance them naturally, with this new book, written by women's health expert, Dr Jolene Brighten.

Perfect for the book worm.

£20 (currently available for pre-order)

5. DoTerra Petal Diffuser

This cute diffuser is perfect for any home. Add your favourite oil blends and enjoy the wonderful aroma for hours on end.

Perfect for the homebody.

£41.33 RRP

6. DoTerra Essential Oil Trio Kit

New to essential oils? The only 3 you really need are included in this kit. Lavender, lemon and peppermint. DoTerra provide the highest quality and most sustainable oils on the market.

Perfect for the green-living guru

£45.33 RRP

7. The Happiness Planner

Gratitude is the best attitude. Use this planner to organise your life, schedule your self care and express gratitude each day. Studies have shown that a regular gratitude practice improves mental health and lowers stress hormones.

Perfect for the organised, neat freak


8. Yatay Cork Yoga Mat

A non-slip, eco-friendly cork yoga mat. Cork has anti-bacterial properties so it helps to keep the mat fresh. Choose from a range of colours.

Perfect for the yoga addict

Currently £59.99 was £84.99

9. Instant Pot DUO 7 in 1

Bone broth in less than 2 hours? Cooked meat and veggies in minutes? Want to batch cook like a boss? This multi-cooker takes all the stress out of meal times. Another kitchen must have!

Perfect for the busy mums and meal preppers

Currently £107.24 on Amazon

10. Daysy Fertility Monitor

Looking to make the shift to non-hormonal birth control? You need the Daysy Ferility Monitor. This super computer helps to track your cycle and let's you know when you are fertile or not, with up to 99.4% accuracy.

Perfect for the hormone conscious gals .


The countdown to Christmas is on!!!

Head over to my Instagram and share your wish list for this year. I love hearing about the best products and brands to be using.



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