Here are just a few testimonials from ladies who have working with me, for 1-on-1 consultations. 

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Nicola, 34

I have been working with Vivien for just 4 months and I have had 2 consecutive months PMS free which has been amazing!!! My periods have also improved, they have been looser with barely any clots.  I had one entirely bright red period which was previously unheard of. I am really pleased and excited with my progress so far and just having someone to talk to that understands, is very knowledgeable and cares makes me feel so much more positive.

Jessica, 26

Within just 2 months of working with Vivien, I had gotten my period back which had been M.I.A for 18 months! My doctor had diagnosed me with PCOS after coming off the pill, however Vivien identified that I was actually dealing with 'PCOS-like' symptoms. My missing periods, acne and hair loss were actually due to stress and nutrient deficiencies! I actually loved chatting with her each month as it felt like I was talking to a friend

Courtney, 30

I was dealing with pretty much every hormonal symptom possible, however Vivien has helped me experience 90% improvement and PMS FREE PERIODS in less than 6 months! When it comes to hormones, she really knows her stuff and she provides so much amazing information during each session! I feel like I have recommended her to all of my female friends and family members, because she has really changed my life for the better!

Jane, 31

I have suffered with IBS since I was 12 years old and had tried every treatment option possible from my doctor. At first I wasn't sure if a Nutritional Therapist could help me as my symptoms were terrible regardless of what I ate, but I am so glad I reached out to Vivien. She helped me identify a parasite infection in my gut and a sensitivity to gluten. I am happy to report all of my IBS symptoms are GONE in just over 6 months of working together! 

Rebecca, 21

Vivien really helped to improve both my physical and mental health. Acne had been my biggest insecurity since I was 13 and despite eating healthy and using a ton of topical products, I couldn't get it under control. It turned out that a lot of the foods I was eating on a daily basis weren't right for my body and my testosterone levels were through the roof! Vivien put me on a diet and supplement plan based on my imbalances, and 3 months later, my skin is almost clear!

Sarah, 34

With Vivien's support over the past 6 month I was able to transition off the oral contraceptive pill (which I had been on for 10 years!) and I was able to get pregnant with my first child naturally, after being told that I would struggle because of PCOS. Vivien explained to me that insulin resistance and inflammation were the main causes of PCOS and that if we worked on those things, a natural pregnancy was definitely possible for me - which it was! I can't believe how quickly it happened too...I'm ecstatic!

Susan, 55

I have been working with Vivien for around 6 months now for my chronic digestive issues. I had tried every other route and no one had really got to the root of the problem . They were just treating the symptoms with drugs which caused other complications. 

I feel all round much better and my digestion is very much improved. I feel more positive in my myself and have more confidence. This process had taught me most of all to be more mindful about how I live, the importance of being quite and listening to my body.


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