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If you are on this page, then there is a pretty good chance you want to overcome your hormonal and digestive issues naturally.  

You are probably unsure about the advice to follow, but you know that you want to do everything possible in order to prevent worsening of your condition or development of chronic illness in the future. Plus, you just want to feel like your old self again & enjoy life without these symptoms. 


Finding a skilled practitioner who really understands what you are going through and has overcome a similar experience is difficult. The first step is to be aware of the common strategies that fail to work for the majority of people trying to overcome their health conditions...


Here are 3 strategies that NEVER work!
(and you should avoid)


1. The reliance on diet alone to overcome hormonal and digestive issues.

I obviously believe that the food we eat has a massive impact on our health. I am a Nutritional Therapist after all. However it is important to know that nutrition isn't everything. Constantly following the latest diet plan or obsessively removing foods from your diet, trying to find a trigger for your IBS or acne, is failing to address other potential root causes, including sleep quality, stress management, emotional states, nutrient deficiencies, gut infections and environmental toxin exposure. 


2. Searching for the 'magic supplement' that will fix all your problems.

Supplements are designed to 'supplement' nutrition and lifestyle changes. They aren't to be taken in the place of. Someone who has experience and training to deal with supplements will use them as support while the body is recovering or requires a boost, due to nutrient deficiencies. That brand new berry grown in the Amazonian rain forest which people are currently raving about, isn't going to miraculously help you lose weight, stop your hair loss or 'cure' your acid reflux. Supplements need to be high quality, bioavailable and chosen for your specific needs.

3. Treating the symptoms, failing to taking a whole body approach to wellness.

Symptoms are important and may direct a practitioner to investigate a certain area of the body, however constantly chasing symptoms isn't going to provide real long term healing. Giving someone a natural remedy for insomnia when they are still drinking 4 cups of coffee per day and are stressed out their mind, isn't going to work. It may act as an effective 'band aid' in the short term, but the root causes of the issues have failed to be addressed.

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Having suffered with my own health issues, I know how hard it is to find someone who takes a holistic approach to health and doesn't promote the strategies above.

I wanted to feel listened to, supported and guided through my health recovery.

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 A consultation is right for you if...

  • You are sick of dealing with low energy, mood swings, unpredictable painful periods, stubborn belly fat, acne, hair loss and the inability to lose even 1lb of weight!

  • You’ve tried it all for your hormones (medication, supplements, diet changes) but you are still not getting better, and you question if there is another root cause that may be influencing your hormones.

  • You struggle with digestive issues. Maybe you have a diagnosis of IBS or have to deal with constipation, gas and bloating on a daily basis. You know that food influences your symptoms but you can't figure out what is to blame?

  • You want a personalised nutrition, lifestyle and supplement protocol, designed for your body and needs. You are tired of self researching and hearing conflicting advice from different 'experts'?

  • You want the ability to access functional lab tests that can help to identify underlying imbalances that may be driving your symptoms. You want access to high quality supplements chosen specifically for your individual needs?

  • You are motivated, fully committed and ready to achieve amazing results?

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