You're not alone...

Let's Work Together

you're not alone,

Let's Work Together

Overcome your hormone and gut issues naturally 


The first step is to be aware of the common strategies that fail to work for most people trying to overcome their health conditions...

The reliance on diet alone

Always searching for the "magic supplement"

Treating symptoms, not the underlying causes

Get help from a skilled practitioner today


Having suffered with my own health issues, I know how hard it is to find someone who takes a holistic approach to health

I wanted to feel listened to, supported and guided throughout my health journey

I'm guessing you want that too?


 My 6 month HORMONE RESET package is perfect for you if...

  • You are sick of dealing with low energy, mood swings, unpredictable painful periods, stubborn belly fat, acne, hair loss and the inability to lose even 1lb of weight!

  • You’ve tried it all (medication, supplements, diet changes, detoxes) but you are still not getting better, and you question if there is another root cause that may be driving your symptoms.

  • You struggle with digestive issues. Maybe you have a diagnosis of IBS or have to deal with constipation, gas and bloating on a daily basis. You know that food influences your symptoms but you can't figure out what is to blame?

  • You want a personalised nutrition, lifestyle and supplement protocol, designed for your body and needs. You are tired of self researching and hearing conflicting advice from different 'experts'?

  • You want to know what's really going on. The ability to access functional lab tests can help to identify underlying imbalances that may be driving your symptoms. You want access to high quality supplements chosen specifically for your individual needs?

  • You are motivated, fully committed and ready to achieve amazing results?

    Answered YES?

Then you're in the right place! 😃



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This 6 month transformation package includes:

  • Four 1:1 consultations with me to receive personalised support, guidance & recommendations

    Session 1: Initial consultation (90 minutes)
    Session 2: Lab review deep dive (90 minutes)
    Session 3: Follow up session (45 minutes)
    Session 4: Follow up session (45 minutes)

    all sessions are to be used within 6 months maximum*

  • When you pay in full you'll also receive a bonus 60 minute mindset/life coaching session 🚨 with me to really get clear on your goals, work through specific roadblocks you might be facing or release trapped unwanted emotions!

  • A complimentary Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) Functional Lab Test & detailed interpretation (worth £349)

  • Bespoke nutrition/supplement/lifestyle protocols that are specifically designed to help reach your health goals & educate you

  • Email support between sessions for any protocol related questions you may have

  •  Lifetime access to my client community group on Telegram (free app) for additional support & motivation between sessions

  • Lab test result interpretation and GP referral letter (if needed) 

  • Access to discounted practitioner grade supplements & functional lab testing

  • The guidance, knowledge & support to help you reclaim your health

    Plus Brand New 📲 Hormone Reset Library 🚺

    Along with your 1:1 sessions for personalised recommendations & support, you'll also be granted lifetime access to this resource vault packed with 25+ hours of content! (worth £347)

    Plus I will continue to add to this over time & you will get access to all these exciting updates at no extra cost 🙌🏼

    Here are some examples as to what you will find inside the program 👀

  • Library of powerful hypnosis & subconscious re-programming audios

  • How to cultivate a strong, healing mindset & trust in your body

  • 10 x 90 minute masterclass replays on subjects including:

    Stress, Trauma & the Nervous System

    Fertility Awareness Method / Non Hormonal Birth Control & 'Cycle Syncing'

    Mastering Your Metabolism By Addressing the Root Causes of Dysfunction

    Using Manifestation & The Law of Attraction to Achieve Your Dream Life (& Health)

    Gut Health & Detox Masterclass

    & so much more goodness! 

  • Modules on supporting detoxification, blood sugar regulation, gut infections, feminine energy, the impact of mold & other toxins, mineral imbalances, navigating detox/'herx' reactions & more!

  • Educational handouts, quizzes, recipe guides, shopping list & worksheets to support your journey

  • A 7-day strength training guide created by my P.T (inc useful demonstration videos!)

  • 3 full length pilates session recordings by my instructor Katie

All for just
£3,497 GBP when paid in full

plus you'll get a bonus 60 minute mindset/life coaching session 🚨💻

or choose a payment plan option...

2 payments of £1,750.50 = total £3,500

6 monthly payment £585.00 = total £3,510

Prices include VAT & are subject to change*

What are you waiting for?👇🏼

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