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learn at your own pace with my...

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Heal From Toxic Mold

If I would have known MOLD TOXICITY was a big cause of most of my chronic health struggles (including painful acne, relentless digestive issues, exhaustion, multiple food sensitivities & multiple hormone imbalances), it would have saved me so much time, money & previous failed attempts to ‘heal’.

This course contains everything that you need to know about mold toxicity, in order to overcome your symptoms naturally (without harsh chemicals or invasive procedures). I have connected with some of the best functional medicine practitioners in the world, researched mold toxicity almost daily for the past 2.5 years & have successfully helped many clients overcome their symptoms. Check it out now...

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Reverse PCOS Symptoms

Learn how to balance your hormones naturally using food as medicine. Reverse insulin resistance with simple lifestyle shifts. Restore ovulation to reduce androgens & increase progesterone (which you've likely been lacking in)

I have specialised in PCOS since 2017 & have helped countless women fall pregnant, clear their stubborn acne, finally lose weight & halt hair loss. This course covers everything you need to know about overcoming your PCOS symptoms naturally. Check it out now...

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Balance Your Minerals

Did you know thatĀ MINERAL IMBALANCESĀ are CRUCIAL to address, when trying to balance your hormones, heal your gut & restore mitochondrial health?! Minerals really are the SPARK PLUGS for the body to produce cellular energy.

The IM-BALANCEDĀ course allows you to TEST your mineral & heavy metal levels using hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA). Plus I teach you how to understand your results & address any imbalances naturally with my top food, lifestyle & supplementĀ rec's.Ā This is a great test to do 1-2x per year to assess your nutrient levels/toxic exposures. Check it out now...

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